Dégagé Dancewear

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At Degage Dancewear we stock the new R Class, Grishko, Bloch, Capezio and Sansha pointe shoes.  We also stock demi pointe shoes.


Pointe shoes should be fitted by a certified fitter like the staff at Degage Dancewear. We Recommend correctly fitted Pointe shoes in order to prevent injury and maximise performance.


All our fitting staff have been on an in-depth pointe shoe fitting course.

We have a wide range of styles and sizes to suit every foot.


A fitting fee of £10.00 will apply if shoes are not purchased.


To arrange an appointment please call

01303 850545 or Email: info@degagedancewear.co.uk

Preparing for the fitting


Attend the fitting with clean feet.

Make sure toenails are cut to the correct length.

Do not attend  with blisters or other damaged skin.

Please  wear convertible ballet tights for the fitting.

If this is not your 1st fitting please bring  your old shoes and toe pads if  worn.

After care


Always hang shoes to dry out after use.

Shoes should NOT be hammered or bashed.

If  worn around the house cover with a pair of socks.

DO NOT go up and down stairs

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